Our Wedding Party

Ginger Stickel

Matron of Honor- Ginger Stickel, Sister of the Bride

Ginger is Wendy’s “big sister” and a leader in the family.  She came up with the best games and activities growing up, whether it was making movies or building a house in the woods. She experienced most things first in the family, including wedding planning, and always has helpful advice. She has unique perspectives from travel, business training, and awesome creative writing skills.  She lives in Greenwich, Conn., with her three young children and husband, Carl, and is active in the volunteer community.

Meri McLaughlin

Bridesmaid- Meredith McLaughlin, Sister of the Bride

Meri is Wendy’s “little sister,” and although she may not remember, as a teenager, Wendy loved telling all her problems to her then 4-year-old sister.  Meri courageously chose to go to college in San Diego and has been “on the go” ever since.  From California, to New York, to Idaho, to business school in Arizona…she is on an exciting career journey.  She is also busy planning her own wedding- stay tuned!

Erin Goodman

Bridesmaid- Erin Goodman, Friend of the Bride

Erin and Wendy have been best friends since the third grade.  Erin is one of the most creative and kind people that Wendy knows. She has the best ideas with an incredibly positive outlook on life whether shopping, going to flea markets or garage sales, making crafts, travelling or just hanging out.  Erin is a middle-school art teacher in Zionsville and lives in Noblesville with her husband Dustin.

Anice Chenault

Bridesmaid- Anice Chenault, Friend of the Bride

Wendy and Anice met on a kickball team shortly after moving to Washington, D.C.  As social workers with the same Myers Briggs personality score, they have a friendship packed with travel, culture, and social justice activities.  With her sharp organizational and planning skills Anice can pack a suitcase like no other and plan a wedding with great attention to detail. Anice works for the federal Housing and Urban Development agency, and lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with her husband Reece.

Annabel Stickel

Flower Girl- Annabel Stickel, Niece of the Bride

Annabel is a smart, adorable first-grader who enjoys reading Boxcar Children books and writing her own stories.  She loves dancing, singing and playing the piano, especially to Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus songs.  

Andrew Stickel

Ring Bearer- Andrew Stickel, Nephew of the Bride

Andrew is a sweet, energetic 5 year old who can climb the highest, run the fastest, and laugh the hardest.  He is a master at making paper airplanes and can build virtually anything out of Legos, blocks and Scotch tape.  He is curious about everything.

Mike McLaughlin

Usher- Gordon Micheal McLaughlin, Brother of the Bride

Mike is Wendy’s younger brother.  His energy, excitement, and innovation are inspiring.  Whether doing bike tricks, dancing, or playing a creative game, he was always fun to be around growing up.  This great spirit has taken him to many parts of the world in play and work, including working overseas in London.  He now lives in New York City finishing his MBA at Columbia University.

Dave Blankenship

Best Man- David Blankenship, Friend of the Groom

Dave and Paul have been friends since the summer of 1996, when they attended a Math & Computer Science camp together at Indiana State University. After Paul finished his tour in the Army, Paul and Dave were roommates and watched movies, played computer games, and had many discussions about life and living. Dave lives in Indianapolis and does IT work for the IU School of Nursing at IUPUI.

Josh Blazier

Groomsman- Joshua Blazier, Friend of the Groom

Josh and Paul became friends in junior high school, and became great friends when Paul moved across the street from Josh. The two ran track and cross country together in high school, went on vacation together in Italy, and enjoy playing games together, going to concerts, and watching movies. Josh and his family have been a great source of support and friendship to the Whitaker family over the years. Josh lives in Carmel, Indiana.

Erik Noren

Groomsman- Erik Noren, Friend of the Groom

Paul met Erik at work, and the two have spent many hours discussing technology and life, attending cultural events in DC, and eating sushi. Erik is a funny guy, a great source of popular culture knowledge, and a great dancer. Erik works for a technology company in Reston, VA, and lives in Arlington.

John Bobosh

Groomsman- John Bobosh, Friend of the Groom

John and Paul met at a technology social event in Washington, DC. Since then, they have spent time attending concerts, fireworks and many other events in DC, playing video games, and going to parties. John lives in Washington, DC and works for a technology PR firm. 

Dwayne Green

Usher- Dwayne Green, Brother-in-Law of the Groom

Dwayne is the newest member of the Whitaker family, Paul's sister Carrie's husband. He enjoys racing dirt bikes (hence the get-up in the photo), play video games and travel. He lives in Fayetteville, NC and is a Master Sergeant in the US Army.

Reader- Carrie Green, Sister of the Groom

Reader- Jennifer VanAlstine, Sister of the Groom